5 Tips: The Truth About Light

Photography, by definition, is the art of altering light.  You can have a PHD in bio-chemistry, but unless someone educates you on how a photographer manipulates light to create beautiful images, one would just assume they can ALWAYS be created.

One of the first things I do as a photographer is educate my wonderful clients about light. The best time of day for portraits, where to set up their ceremony arch, considerations for weather changes, etc. I’ve seen it all, I’ve worked in it all, and I can definitely help create beautiful images in it all! But I need YOUR help. So here are some things to consider when booking your special event:

  1. Be open to suggestions. Photographers will suggest slight tweaks in positioning, locations, and timelines based upon lighting. LISTEN to their suggestions, you wont regret it.
  2. Consider the time of year. This is probably my biggest tip for event photography. The sun sets at different times as the year passes. Most photographers prefer to work with the best light possible for portraits. This is typically during the hour or two before sunset for outdoor photographs, known as the “golden hour”.
  3. Make sure your timeline leaves plenty of room for error. This is especially important for when it comes to a wedding day. It is a popular practice these days to have the ceremony & reception at the same location, with a cocktail hour in between. While this is a fabulous practice for guests, there is not enough time for mishaps. Life happens. The hairdresser takes too long, someone forgot the rings an hour away, the best man has no pants… all of these can easily eat up that one hour of time you allowed for photographs of family, friends, the bridal party, and intimate portraits of you and your new spouse. If adding an extra hour  in between isn’t an option, then consider a first look.
  4. First looks rock! Fall weddings here in Michigan are beautiful, colorful, & vibrant! But with the sun setting at 630pm, a lot of that color is missed if timing isn’t right! I highly suggest a first look for fall/winter weddings. This not only allows for an intimate time for you and your soon to be spouse, but it also allows for us to get some photos out of the way- providing for a much more relaxed atmosphere during cocktail hour!
  5. Book your photographer BEFORE setting a timeline. A great photographer will help you develop a timeline for your wedding day that not only outlines all of the key events, but works around lighting so EVERY image is breath-taking! Utilize their skill and knowledge!

Have more questions about light and timing?? Send them my way! After all, I’m here to help in any way I can!





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