When I first met Kasia, I could tell she was one of those rare people: that will always tell you how it is, wear her heart on her sleeve, and be the truest friend you will ever have. Her personally outshined her gorgeous looks (which is completely unbelievable, but true!) during our session.

When David looks at Kasia, its as the world stops spinning.. and there they are, just the two of them.

To say we had a blast at their session, would be a complete understatement! From talks about Kasia’s obsession with cats + Hostess cupcakes, to the rollercoaster drive to the top of our location. The way Kasia wanted to run for the hills when I told David to tickle her, and the sweet conversations I had with her mother about the days back in Poland.

I loved getting to know you more, and can’t wait until the wedding day!

Location: Detroit Institute of Arts, Michigan

Z park Deck: Detroit, Michigan



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