I first met Anna a year and a half ago, when we started working together. She has always been so sweet, so when she asked me to take her engagement photos- I was so excited!

Anna + Jake spend a lot of time in Downtown Royal Oak with friends, so of coarse it was the perfect atmosphere to bring out their natural playfulness. Our first stop was the famous Gayle’s Chocolates . They then took me on a tour of the city and shared a pot of tea at Goldfish Tea. It was here that they have spent many evenings laughing with friends over warm beverages + board games.

The one thing that I would say about Anna + Jake, is that their love is SO obvious that it is almost contagious. After being together for nearly 8 years, Jake still looks at her like she’s the only girl in the world… and Anna beams with pure happiness in his presence.

THANK YOU for allowing me just a glimpse of your love, Jake + Anna! I wish you endless years of tea, board games, and dodging railroad crossing signs together <3 hehe






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