The Client Experience: Mel Anne Photography LLC


Real Talk: I find myself wondering what sets ME apart from other industry professionals. With a world full of unbelievably talented photographers, price ranges that fit everyone’s budget, and ultimately fantastic products. Even though all these factors play such a huge role in a perspective client’s decision process, I discovered the number one reason why I have so many loyal subjects; The Client Experience.

I recently decided to jump in, without hesitation, ASKING my clients THEIR perspective about what its like to be in front of my camera.


“Melissa is more than a photographer. She makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. She puts so much time and effort into the process, and really cares about how YOU feel about your images.”


“I’ve never had a photographer quite like you! From the very beginning you have been thorough. From helping with our outfit choices, to picking a location that not only is scenic, but speaks to our vision for the session. Not to mention, your turn around time is so quick!”


“I think all of your ideas are fantastic! My kids are usually in their own world, and you understood that. Instead of asking them to join our moment, you had us be a part of theirs. Ring-a-round the Rosie, playing “how high can you jump”, and even telling my daughter to strut like she has her favorite Disney Princess dress on… it was all so perfect and I will NEVER look for another photographer again! You truly captured who OUR family is, in the most authentic way!”


“Melissa is so sweet. She understands that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. I remember using other photographers in the past that would tell me to ‘ok now act NATURAL’. Well, what IS natural?? Melissa explained this to me. She took the time to go into detail about her process. She gave us clear instruction and made the experience so fun!”


” I remember when I first messaged you. I remember this because you were so quick in your response and honest about the type of services you offer. At the time, although your images are stunning, I was looking for a less expensive option. I ended up going with another photographer based on her price, and it wasn’t a good fit. I messaged you months later telling you about my experience and essentially bad mouthing this photographer to you. What shocked me? You talked me off my shaming cliff. You explained to me that every creative starts somewhere and maybe this particular one didn’t quite find her niche yet. You were kind and humble and even sent me some of YOUR very first sessions to show how much someone can grow. I told my husband that we had to book with you, and I can’t wait for our session this Spring!”




In the words of The Rock (yes I am quoting him- ain’t no shame in my game! hehe) “Be humble. Be Kind. And always be the hardest worker in the room.”



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