After speaking with numerous Brides over the past three weeks, I wanted to write some helpful information on how to continue planning your wedding, from the safety of your own home! I also have a great list of Michigan based vendors that I would love to share with you! Click here to request more information.


Step One: Decide On A Wedding Theme

So you just got engaged! CONGRATULATIONS! After going through all the emotions and telling all of your closest friends and family, you are now ready to start the wedding planning process! I always suggest to my couples, to first decide on a theme for your special day. Do you want a classic romance setting? Bright colors? Neutral tones? Warm fall vibes, or airy spring textures? It’s a lot to decide! But making this decision FIRST will help you coordinate all the rest of your wedding day details with much more ease! Need help? Head over to my Pinterest Boards for some inspiration!


Step Two: Decide On The Details

Ok, so you’ve picked a theme! GREAT! Next, you will want to decide how you want your day to look and your budget. Do you want your ceremony + reception to be at the same location? A traditional Church ceremony? Do you want a First Look? What time of year are you choosing? These are all things to consider BEFORE booking your venue. Click here for a ton of checklists and ideas to help you get started!


Step Three: Book Your Venue

Once you have decided on a theme and how you want your wedding day timeline to look, you can then pick a venue that fits best with your vision! A lot of venues have their own style that can play into your dream wedding perfectly! Need to know where to start? Here’s a list of some of Southeast Michigan’s Top Wedding Venues! Once you have found a few that SPARK JOY, reach out to them and see if they are willing to schedule a virtual tour! A lot of venues still have people in the office working behind the scenes, and offering to take potential clients on a Facetime walk through!


Step Four: Book Your Vendors

Have you been eyeing a certain photographer or wedding planner since the day you got engaged? Did you see a delicious desert table at a friend’s wedding last year that truly impressed you? Reach out to them, search for reviews, and do your online research now! With the 2020 wedding season closing for the time being, a lot of prime 2021 dates are being filled with these postponed events. Ask for digital portfolios, gallery links, and a personal mockup to help create your vision. A lot of wedding industry vendors are more than willing to have Facetime or Zoom meetings, offer incentives, and really help assist you in this planning process! I personally, have had countless phone consultations and have helped build my client’s wedding day timeline from start to finish from the safety of our own homes. I also provide my clients with great checklists, suggested vendors, and planning tools! Want to learn more? Feel free to reach out to me here.


Step Five: Sit Back + Relax

Now that you have your theme, venue, and main vendors booked.. sit back, relax, and enjoy simply being together and engaged. You can take your time with the rest of the planning process, now that the big things are out of the way! Need ideas for date nights at home? Click here!