Wedding Day Tips

Let’s be honest, everyone wants the inside scoop of what to do and even what NOT to do on your wedding day. From ex-brides to wedding beauty professionals, here are some of the down and dirty do’s & don’ts for your big day!

  • Consider a first look, and here is why: your wedding day will go down as one of the fastest days of your life. With that said, the two of you will more than likely not have a single moment alone until the day is done. A first look is not only an intimate moment between the two of you, but it also takes away from some of the pressure from the “big walk down the aisle.” – This is also a fabulous option if you are having a fall or winter wedding (when the sun is setting much earlier) or if both your ceremony & reception are at the same location.


  • Timing is everything. Having an idea of how your wedding day timeline should unfold will make the planning process so much easier! I will be happy to help review some possibilities with you, and together we can create the perfect day!


  • Plan for an intimate “golden hour” portrait session. Golden hour is the hour before the sun sets, that provides those beautifully romantic & soft images with just a gleam of sunshine. For fall/winter weddings: this will more than likely take place during the first look. Summer/ spring weddings: plan for a 20 minute break during your reception to be swept away by your photographer!


  • Brides: be sure not to try any crazy beauty tricks two weeks before the wedding! Yes, facials can go horribly wrong, dye jobs, unusual waxing, etc. Need more specifics on what to stay away from? I would be happy to answer any questions!


  • Request an unplugged ceremony. Asking your guests to please keep their devices turned off during the ceremony will allow everyone to be PRESENT, in the moment, and will avoid unwanted images posted on social media. Not to mention, family and friends may step in front of the photographer to get the best camera phone photo… which leaves you with a first kiss image that has Aunt Mary’s behind in it!


  • During the rehearsal, ask the officiant to step to the side while announcing the two of you as husband & wife. Nothing is worse than being photobombed during your first kiss!


  • Review how to bustle your dress, multiple times! Believe it or not, this can be the biggest time stealer while getting ready! Take your maid of honor, mom, grandma, whomever with you when you try on your dress for the last time. Have the sales person show HER how to bustle the dress.


  • Don’t forget to eat before the ceremony! I usually suggest a piece of toast or bagel & fruit or eggs. This will help elevate your blood sugar & keep you from passing out or getting crabby before dinner is served.


  • Drink LOTS of water while getting ready! Hydration is very important! But remember to go to the restroom before getting in your dress!


  • Organize a run sheet: From start to finish, compile a timeline . Give it to everyone! i.e. Maid of honor, best man, DJ, Photographer, Venue Coordinator, etc. The more people who know what is going on, the better!


  • Look up when walking down the isle! Silly, I know. But remember, a camera will be on you the entire day! So be conscious of face positioning.


  • Gather wedding details BEFORE photographer arrives. Earrings, necklace, veil, wedding invite, grooms belt, tie, cuff links, etc. This will allow more time to capture candid & posed moments before the ceremony!


  • Remember a nice hanger! Whether its gifted or purchased for $5, a wood hanger goes a long way for detailed dress images!


  • Designate a go-to man.. or woman. Someone NOT in the wedding party or immediate family should be the go to person for your vendors. He/She should have a copy of the timeline, names of the wedding party as well as vendors.


  • Pack an emergency kit! Things happen, its life. So why not be prepared! Put together a shoe box that has a sewing kit, two-way tape, bandages, eye lash glue, etc. And give it to your designated go-to person BEFORE your wedding day.


  • Have courtesy baskets in restrooms. Dental floss, hairspray, sanitary products, SHOUT pen, bobby pins, etc. This goes a long way for your guests & should only cost about $15!


  • Compile a must have family shot list for your photographer. Start with the largest group with names and work your way down. Make sure to tell these family members to stay after the ceremony for photos.


  • Get a massage the day before the wedding! I promise, you won’t regret it!


  • Have an engagement session! This will give you the opportunity to let down any walls prior to your wedding day (as most of us haven’t been in front of a camera since Senior Year), help you get to know your photographer, and something fun to do with your fiancé!


  • Schedule Bridal Make-up trial for the day of your engagement session. Professional make-up looks spectacular on camera! Even with every-day wear. And its an awesome opportunity to feel extra pretty and pampered .


  • Use a travel agent when planning your honeymoon! They will actually SAVE you money & help you find exactly what you are looking for!


  • ENJOY THE PROCESS. This is the most important tip I could possibly give you. After all, life isn’t about where you are going… it’s about the road you travel while getting there.

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