The first time I met with Markisha + Derrick, I literally had goose-bumps! Markisha + I both believe in the “it’s meant to be” theory… Well when we were discussing their wedding date, I told her how funny I thought that it was on my husband’s birthday. Later in the conversation, I found out that HER birthday is MY wedding anniversary! If that wasn’t a sign that I was destined to be their photographer, I don’t know what is!

I have only known Derrick + Markisha for a short time, but when I watch them together.. I’m surrounded by the feeling of profound love. They have been together for many years, and the strong friendship they have reflects that they know one another better than anyone else. The way they balance each other, is truly special. Markisha has a traveler’s soul (which immediately makes me want to be her BFF haha) her free spirit follows her like a wave of light. Derrick is strong, dedicated, and has his feet planted firmly on the ground. He’s grounded like the roots of an old oak tree, and she is the warm breeze flowing through his leafs. <3






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